Hundreds of families around us are in financial distress.

Mekimi gets families out on a new economic path

We help families unconditionally in advising, assisting and personally guiding them in order to get them going towards financial recovery


Mekimi operates a center for financial counseling including a frontal and digitized financial information, designed to give every person and family the personal tools for wise financial management in order to exit difficulties and financial crises.

Rehabilitation of families

Mekimi assists both in the short term by settling debts, consolidating loans, realizing rights and financial grants, and in the long term by preparing and implementing a recovery plan for the household's financial balance.

Wise Financial Management

Mekimi instructs workshops and lectures on smart financial management, and gives families, students, teens, and adults important economic knowledge, tips and advice in a good, engaging atmosphere. And now, digital too.

About Mekimi

Mekimi is an Israeli non-profit organization that helps families and individuals experiencing severe financial distress regain independence and achieve long- term financial stability. Our aim is to assist every family in financial distress by providing immediate and long-term solutions to help them to get back on track. Mekimi was founded in 2010 by Israel Livman and has since helped more than 4000 families in financial distress.

Mekimi in Numbers

Assistance requests per year
Branches across Israel
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Rabbis recommendations

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Request assistance

Assistance to all requests. Without conditional threshold. Financial counselling by specialist professionals only. Financial assistance or loan – as needed, is contingent on following a long-term rehabilitation assistance program. Counseling meetings – in the offices of Mekimi across the country only and not in the family’s home as a lever for taking responsibility.

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